Similar flags to the American Flag


Liberia: You can definitely notice a similarity between the American flag and the Liberian flag with it’s red and white stripes as well as a blue corner featuring a star in the canton. Unlike the American flag, the Liberia flag only has 11 stripes, which represent those who signed the Liberian Declaration of Independence. The red and white color of the 11 stripes symbolize courage and moral excellence in Liberia while the white star in the canton stands for the freedom ex-slaves were given in history.



Malaysia: There’s also a similar look to the American flag with the Malaysia flag. This flag features 14 alternating red and white stripes as well as a blue canton in the upper left corner. The stripes of the Malaysia flag symbolize the equality of the 13 member states that make up the country plus the federal government. This flag doesn't have a standard 5 point star, but instead features a crescent which represents Islam, the country’s official religion, as well as a 14 point star. The 14 points  on the star stand for the unity of the 13 states and federal government or Malaysia.



Togo: The flag of Togo features the same stripes and star as the Liberia flag, however the horizontal stripes and hoist end are different colors. The Togo flag features 5 horizontal stripes alternating in green and yellow which are derived from the Pan-African colors of Ethiopia, as well as the red upper left corner displaying a 5-point white star. The Togo flag is still fairly new in the flag world, being adopted only 50 years ago on April 27, 1960.




Uruguay: Taking a different approach but still showing a similar design is the national flag of Uruguay. This flag features nine horizontal stripes in blue and white that represent the nine original departments of Uruguay. Instead of displaying a star in the corner of the Uruguay flag, the Sun of May is shown in bright yellow, which is a national symbol of both Uruguay as well as Argentina. The original Uruguay flag actually displayed 17 blue and white stripes but in 1830, a new law required the number of stripes be reduced to nine.