An eye-catching American flag windsock is a fun and patriotic alternative to an American flag. We offer a great selection of high-quality nylon and polyester windsocks for home, business, or event use. Perfect for apartments, gardens and patios, holidays, or special events, windsocks grab attention and fly in even a slight breeze. In addition to our selection of American flag windsocks, we also offer military-themed windsocks that feature the official logo and colors of the five branches of the United States military as well as official windsocks and windsock frames for airport use. Browse our selection of windsocks below. We offer easy checkout and fast shipping on hundreds of our in-stock products.

Looking for other ways to improve your outdoor landscaping, living area, or shared space? Installing an American flag display at home is an excellent way to show your patriotism year-round. Not sure where to start? Our helpful flag buying guide can help you choose the right flag for your needs. If you prefer to speak with an expert, we have those too! Give us a call or live chat us with questions. We’re standing by to assist you.

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American Flag Windsocks from Carrot-Top Industries

An American flag windsock can bring smiles, joy and a sense of pride and patriotism to passersby! Display one for a holiday or a special event to grab attention and cheer up an otherwise drab space. Keep reading to learn more about our selection of polyester and nylon American flag windsocks.

Nylon and Polyester American Flag Windsocks

Our Embroidered American Nylon Windsock Flag is one of our best-selling products. This unique American flag windsock features elegant embroidered stars and is constructed with the highest quality nylon available. Crafted to withstand harsh weather elements, this patriotic windsock is ideal for long outdoor use. Resistant to fading, the sock can be used over and over again, keeping its bright stars and stunning stripes. Nylon windsocks are available in three different sizes: 5" x 3', 6" x 4', and 8" x 5'.

Our polyester American flag windsock is constructed with 100 Denier polyester and displays bright and beautiful colors. This beautiful windsock features the 50 white stars on its head with a dark blue background. The red and white stripes fly proudly in the wind. The sock hangs beautifully from any tree, porch, pole or awning, and is resistant to sun damage.

Another alternative to an American flag or an American flag windsock is a patriotic fly tube. Whether you're a small business or you're hosting your biggest sale of the year, a fly tube will certainly grab the attention of anyone walking or driving by! Eye-catching and incredibly cool, this design measures 20' tall with a base diameter of 18". Tubes withstand high winds outdoors but can also be used indoors with a jet stream fan.

Military Windsocks

Flying one of our brilliantly-colored military windsocks is a fun and festive way to show support for our troops! Appropriate for use in outdoor locations like porches and gardens, a military windsock from Carrot-Top makes a great gift for a soldier, a veteran or for any supporter of the U.S. military. Like our American flag windsocks, our military windsocks are fashioned of the highest-quality weather- and fade-resistant polyester and feature official military colors, logos, and appliqued designs. These windsocks are available for all five branches of the U.S. military!

Telescoping Pole for Windsocks

Our 12' telescoping windsock pole makes setting up and flying your windsock quick and easy. Constructed from fiberglass, the pole is great to use at home but can also be packed up easily to travel with you. Recommended for use at the beach, in gardens, or at homes or businesses, this lightweight and flexible pole collapses to 47" for easy storage or transport. Show off your American flag windsock or military windsock wherever you go with a telescoping pole!

Need Help?

At Carrot-Top, we specialize in flags, banners, custom and patriotic products, including the best quality and selection of American flags available anywhere. Browse our selection of exclusive American flags, and then get started choosing the right flag and flagpole for your needs with our helpful flag buying guide.

Need help placing your order online? In addition to easy checkout and fast shipping on all in-stock items, we also offer top-tier customer service. Whether you have a question or need help ordering one of our products, we’re here to assist you. Please call us at 800-628-3524 to speak with a customer service representative today!