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Plastic Grave Markers

Our collection of plastic grave markers are made from a strong and durable thermoplastic material and feature a sleek, classy bronze finish. At Carrot-Top Industries, you'll find the perfect marker to honor your fallen solider – we carry seven different designs that commemorate the service of your veteran, as well as fire fighters.

Plastic grave markers are ideal for an durable economical tribute in honor of a friend, family member or loved one. For further information about our markers, see the description below or click on a product that you would like to know more about.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

About Our Plastic Grave Markers

All plastic grave markers from Carrot-Top Industries are made of solid thermoplastic and feature a classic bronze or red and bronze finish. The marker also includes a protective outer coating, which helps it stand up under daily wear and tear. Each plastic grave marker comes complete with an aluminum rod to attach a cemetery flag, like a small American flag or military flag. The rod measures 3/8" in diameter and 18" in length. It allows for an upright display of the grave marker and includes a place to hold the cemetery flag. Flag rods are ideal for use with 8" x 12" or 12" x 18" cemetery flags.

Paying Tribute with a Plastic Grave Marker

For a handsome display that will last for years, browse our collection of plastic grave markers that pay tribute to your fallen loved one. Markers include designs to honor soldiers who served in the Korean and Vietnam War, World War I and II, the Revolutionary War and the Grand Army of the Republic. In addition, we carry designs that honor all U.S. Veterans as well as Generals. Within our selection, you'll also find a plastic grave marker that honors the service of fallen fire fighters.

Shop Grave Markers and Flags at Carrot-Top Industries

If you're looking for additional markers, take a look at our collection of aluminum grave markers and bronze grave markers. Ideal for long-term use, many of our bronze markers come with a lifetime guarantee. Buy an American cemetery flag or a military flag that attaches to the grave marker for a complete and handsome tribute. You can also view our other military and memorial products that include veterans productsflag cases and POW MIA flags. For more information about our plastic grave markers or any other product, don't hesitate to contact us at 800-628-3524.

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