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Bronze Grave Markers


Bronze grave markers are ideal for use with long-term displays to honor soldiers, veterans, civil service members, and patriotic Americans. At Carrot-Top Industries, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all bronze markers. These beautiful pieces require no maintenance and will remain completely rust free. Every marker includes an 18" brass rod. For more information about our selection of bronze military grave markers, see the description below the product options or click on a product you like.













Honor Your Loved One with a Bronze Grave Marker

Bronze grave markers are a staple to honor the brave military men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces and the sacrifices they have made to serve their country. Our bronze veteran grave markers are made of the finest materials and available in several styles. Flat markers are ideal for a location that requires markers are placed flush on the ground, while the surface mount styles are great for attaching to a headstone or memorial monument. We also carry standalone grave markers that can be coupled with a cemetery flag for an upright display.

Our collection of bronze grave markers also includes designs that honor the sacrifices made by our civil service members. Fire department markers, for example, feature the familiar symbol that's recognized across the nation. These markers honor the brave firefighters who serve their country and communities with unwavering courage.

We also carry bronze grave markers that honor the service of our police men and women. Choose between a blue bronze grave marker and the traditional bronze to pay tribute to your fallen loved one. Both of these police grave markers are made in the U.S.A.

For a personalized memorial, you can work with our friendly customer service representatives to customize a fire departmentpolice department or EMT grave marker. Our designers  will add your own wording for a special message that will last forever.

About our Bronze Grave Markers

Our entire collection of bronze grave markers are able to accommodate a grave flag with a dowel. Flat markers and regular bronze markers come with lugs and a rod to accommodate a flag staff. The surface mount markers include a flag holder accessory to be attached to the monument or headstone. Finding the perfect bronze military grave marker to honor your loved one is easy at Carrot-Top Industries.

We offer a full range of grave markers, including aluminum and plastic options. Browse our American cemetery flags and our military flags to pick out a flag to accompany the grave marker for the ideal tribute. To shop other selections that honor your veteran, browse our military and memorial products, including veteran and commemorative flagsPOW MIA flagsKIA flags and flag cases.

Bronze Seals and Insignias

We also carry bronze seals, insignias and plaques that make for a beautiful addition to a headstone or grave marker.

Bronze military seals pay tribute to the lives of our heroes who served in the military. Crafted from solid bronze, these 3D markers come in 7 different designs and feature the official military seal of your choosing. Bronze seals require no maintenance and are rust-free, each of them including a lifetime guarantee.

We also carry a patriotic seal that celebrates a friend or family member who made the ultimate sacrifice to their country. This beautiful seal honors their patriotism and heroic acts.

Bronze insignias, intended for use on any one of our bronze grave markers, are cast from bronze and will remain rust-free. These insignias effortlessly side onto the rod of a grave marker and can be secured with the provided screw. Create a handsome display to honor your loved one with one of our many bronze insignias.

If you have questions about which bronze grave marker is right for your location, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ve been providing quality patriotic products for over three decades, and our friendly customer care professionals are the most knowledgeable out there. Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 800-628-3524.

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