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Classroom Flags


Every adult likely remembers their classroom flag hanging proudly throughout the years. It's a warm and familiar sight for many of us and evokes feelings of respect for our traditions and each other, no matter our background. The flag helps set the tone for a learning environment, a place where every student's ideas can be heard and shared. At Carrot-Top industries, you'll find the perfect American flag for your classroom and all the hardware needed to set it up. We also carry a variety of flags ideal for spaces throughout the school including offices, teacher's lounges, auditoriums and gymnasiums.









Classroom Flags for Your School

Decorate every room in your school with a classroom flag from Carrot-Top Industries. The American flag in any school setting can symbolize unity and help students come together as a group. It can instill a sense of pride and honor into every pupil and can aid in enhancing the learning environment. Carrot-Top carries a large selection of classroom American flag sets and brackets, equipping you with everything you need to display the American flag throughout your school.

All flags are proudly made in the U.S.A.!

Classroom Flag Set Sizes and Mounting Options 

The size of classroom American flag you need will depend on your display. Small sizes, like our 12" x 18" models, are ideal for hanging on the edge of the chalk board, near a desk or on the wall and are becoming more popular as an economical solution. Shop our Pledge of Allegiance kit, which comes complete with the U.S. flag, a bracket and a wall decal that beautifully exhibits Pledge of Allegiance. The wall decal is uniquely designed in a way that won't leave behind a sticky residue when removed.

Our mounted classroom flags come complete with a printed flag attached to a wooden staff. The included plastic spearhead fits right into a wall mounting bracket. (Please note that the wall mounting bracket does not come included and must be purchased separately.) They are available in three different sizes: 12" x 18", 16" x 24" and 2' x 3'. This classroom American flag is ideal for any grade, from elementary to high school.

With every flag, you'll get to pick between either a poly-cotton blend or nylon fabric. For an elegant display, browse our hanging banner with a beautiful gold fringe. Schools in Texas will love our Lone Star classroom flags, which feature a 2 1/2" gold wooden spear ornament. For a Sunday school classroom, you'll find a beautiful mini Christian flag that's crafted with a blend of polyester and rayon materials. These are available in a variety of sizes and can be the perfect addition to any learning space!

For a proper flag display, you’ll need the right classroom flag bracket. There’s a simple school flagpole bracket, the stamped steel bracket and the "DD" bracket, well-suited for indoor use.

Find the Perfect Classroom Flag Today!

Need help finding a classroom flag for your school? Don't hesitate to contact us! Our expert customer service representatives can be reached by telephone at 800-628-3524 during business hours Monday through Friday.

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