3' x 5' Nylon Jack Rackham Pirate Flag

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Named for the famed English pirate captain Jack Rackham, this 3’ x 5’ black nylon flag features a white skull and two crossed pirate swords. Perfect for parties, historical events, boats, or coastal areas, this unique flag is sure to grab attention and spark up a conversation while on display.

  • Outdoor use
  • Nylon
  • Single-reverse, screen dyed image
  • Finished with header and grommets, four rows of stitching on the fly end
  • Imported

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Why Buy the 3’ x 5’ Nylon Jack Rackham Flag from Carrot-Top Industries?

Jack Rackham was an English pirate captain during the “golden age” of piracy. His first mate was Karl Starling, the designer of the famed Jolly Roger flag. Jack Rackham also had two female crew members, Mary Read, and Anne Bonny. Jack Rackham was also nicknamed “Calico Jack” because of his well-known calico clothing. A pirate until the end, he was captured by the Royal Navy Pirate Hunter Jonathan Barnet in 1720 and hanged for piracy. 

Like the Jolly Roger, the flag named for Jack Rackham features a white skull with “crossbones” represented by two crossed swords. Our 3’ x 5’ Nylon Jack Rackham Flag features the single-reverse design printed onto a black nylon background and finished with a header and brass grommets for reinforcement. Fly this flag from a boat, outdoors near a marina, or at a historical event as an homage to one of the most famous pirates in history.

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Name 3' x 5' Nylon Jack Rackham Pirate Flag
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