20' X 38' Patriarch® Polyester American Flag

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Six Month Guarantee

Buy 20’ x 38’ Patriarch® polyester American flags. Often known as polyester Garrison flags, these U.S. flags are sized according to official government specifications. Flags of this size are most often used by businesses, military, Veterans organizations and government agencies.

  • Recommended for 100’ flagpoles – internal halyard steel flagpoles required
  • Made of Patriarch® all-weather polyester fabric
  • Appliqued stars in blue field
  • Finished with canvas roped header and 3 grommets
  • Official G-Spec American flag ratio
  • 6 month guarantee insures against fading, tears and defects
  • If fraying occurs after the first 6 months of flying, additional length can be folded and hemmed down to 30' for a longer lifespan
  • Made in U.S.A. 

Why buy 20’ x 38’ polyester American flag?

Official, government specified Size–U.S. Garrison Flag

20’ x 38’ Garrison flag is the largest American flag used by the U.S Army and other military institutions. These flags are often flown during special occasions and some flag flying holidays. The flags dimensions follow the government specified ratio of 1:1.9.

Patriarch® polyester – Made for high winds, with 6 month guarantee

20’ x 38’ Patriarch® polyester American flags feature Carrot-Top’s exclusive material. Patriarch® is made of 2-ply polyester designed to withstand strong winds, heavy rains, coastal conditions and long term exposure to direct sunlight. The polyester flags are sturdier than our Beacon® nylon flags which are recommended for moderate winds. Our 6 month guarantee covers defects, tears and fading colors on all Patriarch® flags.

High quality finish – Increased lifetime and quality guaranteed

These extra-large flags are finished with a sturdy roped header featuring galvanized metal thimbles and three brass grommets for a secure attachment to your flagpole. 

*If you want to fly two flags on a 100’ flagpole, we recommend a 15' x 25’ U.S. flag and a 12’ x 18’ secondary flag.

We offer 100’ flagpoles for sale but they are not available for purchase online. To place an order call us on (800)628-3524. Complete the flag display with our outdoor flagpole accessories. To learn more about our products contact a customer service representative during our office hours.

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Name 20' X 38' Patriarch® Polyester American Flag
Price $769.00
Size 20' x 38'