First National Confederate Flag – Stars And Bars

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The First National Confederate Flag served as the official flag of the Confederate State of America during the Civil War. This historical flag continues to embody the American South of the mid-19th Century. Often called the “Stars and Bars”; these flags feature stars that symbolize the Southern states. Our “Stars and Bars” Flags have the advantage of being made with strong, woven nylon that is lightweight, dries quickly and flies effortlessly in the slightest breeze. For more information about our First National Confederate Flag see the description tab below.

The First National Confederate Flag measures 3’x5’ and showcases exquisite seams and bright beautiful colors.  This flag, fondly known as the “Stars and Bars flag”, was flown from March 1861 through May 1863 and was adopted by the Confederate States of America on March 4th of 1861.The flag was favored over the Confederate battle flag because of its similarity to the American flag of the U.S. Army.  The Stars and Bars flag began with  seven stars and in 1861 and would ultimately showcase 13 stars in May 1863.Three successive designs served as the official national flag of the Confederate States of America. Our 3’x 5’ First National Confederate Flag is fashioned with superior lightweight nylon. This flag is finished with a strong canvas header and solid brass grommets. It is fashioned for outdoor use but may also be displayed indoors. This flag is a classic piece of history that symbolizes the rich heritage and pride of the American South.  Pair your First National Confederate flag with one of our Frist National Confederacy (Stars and Bars) Lapel Pin.

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Name First National Confederate Flag – Stars And Bars
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