Yellow Ribbon Window Cling

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The yellow ribbon window cling is a great way to honor local American heroes willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The yellow ribbon window cling can be applied with no tools to any glass window for a double sided display.

Yellow ribbon window clings are often used as decorations for celebrations and parades for returning soldiers. For more information about the window cling see the description below. 

The yellow ribbon window cling can be a great way to celebrate the return of deployed soldiers in your local town or city. They can be used even in homes to celebrate the return of a loved one. The window clings have a diameter of 18” and can be applied to any glass surface. We recommend that the window cling be applied to the inner side of the glass window.

The yellow ribbon cling signifies the yellow ribbon campaign that has been a popular symbol of American spirit throughout the past decades. Yellow ribbons are often hung on oak trees to show support for American military men and women fighting oversees and to celebrate their safe return. The exact origins of the yellow ribbons cannot be traced back as the tradition seems to date back centuries.

Carrot-Top offers a variety of yellow ribbon products to help show gratitude towards the men and women of the military branches. Amongst our yellow ribbon products are yellow ribbon magnets, yellow ribbon flags of two varieties and even stickers. We also offer a variety of other items to celebrate the return of deployed soldiers like our military welcome home flags and banners. For more information about any of these products contact us by calling (800)628-3524.


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