12’ X 18’ Patriarch® Polyester American Flag

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Six Month Guarantee

Buy a 12’ x 18’ Patriarch® polyester American flag made an impactful display or harsh weather conditions. This size is a favorite for our city, town, village, car dealership, commercial bank and school customers.

  • Recommended to be flown singularly on 60’ flagpoles
  • Fade-resistant, durable 2-ply Patriarch® polyester material
  • Fly end finished with 6 rows of interlocking stitches to prevent fraying
  • Attach to flagpole with rope header and one center grommet
  • Embroidered, back-stitched stars on blue field
  • Patriarch®, trusted for more than 3 decades
  • 6 month guarantee against fading colors, tears and defects
  • Made in U.S.A.

Why buy a 12’ x 18’ polyester American flag?

High Quality Finish – Designed for high winds and coastal conditions

These flags are designed with great attention to detail and optimized for long life. They feature 6 rows of stitching to prevent fraying at its fly end using 10 stitches per inch. The hoist end features hemmed corners to prevent the flag from tearing in high winds. The flags are fitted with a nylon roped header using two galvanized metal thimbles and one center grommet widely regarded as the ideal attachment to fly large American flags. Individually embroidered stars for a professional look.

2-ply Patriarch® polyester – Trusted for more than 3 decades

Carrot-Top industries’ Patriarch® polyest fabric is backed by our three decades of expertise. These flags are significantly thicker and more durable than our nylon American flags. It is made of 2-ply polyester, widely regarded as the toughest flag fabric in the industry. Inks used on the fabric are UV resistant and will not fade when flown from sun up to sun down. We offer a six month company guarantee on all Patriarch® flags that covers tears, fading colors and flag defects.

Attract attention with large American flag displays

Our 12’ x 18’ polyester American flags are sure to grab attention and make a patriotic statement! These flags will help you stand out whether you’re promoting your business, decorating for an event or flying it daily at a town or city location. You can rest assured that your large flag display will be fondly remembered. These flags are often flown in town squares, city parks, village memorials, car dealership lots, banks and school athletic fields.

*If you have a 60’ flag pole and want to fly two flags, we recommend a 10’ x 19’ American flag at the top and a 8’ x 12’ flag to accompany it. 

Browse through our flagpole options and buy one to pair with a 10’x15’ polyester American flags with rope headers. Add outdoor flagpole accessories including solar lights, halyard or a flagpole ornament. Call us on (800)628-3524 for more information.

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Name 12’ X 18’ Patriarch® Polyester American Flag
Price $295.00
Size 12" x 18"