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Custom Light Post BannersBenefit your location with a unique banner program

We talk to hundreds of communities every week, from small towns and large cities, to neighborhoods and colleges.

They all have two goals in common.

1. They want to make their community a destination place, attracting more visitors, shoppers, vacationers - more visitors translates into more community and business revenue.

2. They want to build pride amongst current residents, promote the town, increase involvement and warmly welcome community guests.

Street banners are a one of a kind, proven solution to these goals. Their visibility provides them an immediate impact. You can easily announce upcoming events and involve community businesses and organizations and even create a new revenue source through banners.

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Community BannersCustom Street Banners: Bring Your Community Together and Increase Revenue

Welcoming people to your location is a great way to grab attention while increasing tourism. Whether you're celebrating a special event or showing off your organization, a custom banner not only spotlights you location, but also welcomes guests and shows off your logo through bright visuals. Keep the revenue within your community by marketing downtown or mainstreet areas as well as building a sense of identity unique to your area.

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Keys to a successful street banner program: You’ve decided a street banner program will help drive visitors to your community Three critical variables are: visibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Use our key components below when deciding on what you're looking for to successfully launch your street banner program.

Custom Banner DesignDesign: Consider the complexity of your design. The intricacies of your design and number of colors will greatly impact the material, production process visibility and expense. There are many tricks to achieve your objectives while simultaneously keeping the expense down. Community: A well designed logo is key. It can be a source of pride and nostalgia. Would enhancing your logo for your special event make it more memorable? Many cities enhance their logo for anniversaries and special events.
Weather: Consider the weather conditions in which your street banners will be subjected. Are they in shaded areas or largely direct sun? Is it frequently windy or rainy? Some production processes, materials, and even colors perform better in different weather conditions. Occasion: Are you promoting a special event or an anniversary? Are the banners primarily decorative for the season or holiday? This information will help us give you design ideas. It’s also possible less expensive stock banners would be the best solution.
Location: Consider where the banners will be located and where they will be installed. Will they be beside a highway, a downtown street, walkway, or in a parking lot. Location is taken into account for the choosing the best production process, materials and design as well as the appropriate hardware to stand up to the elements of your location.
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Custom Banner Shapes : Just because you're making a street banner doesn't mean you're stuck with the normal rectangle shape! Our custom street banners can be designed to have various angles, shapes and sizes. Jsut let us know what you're looking for and there's probably a shape to match!