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Our street banner hanging hardware is available in a variety of designs and styles to fit your surroundings and needs perfectly. See the table below for a graphical representation of each style of banner hanging hardware and choose the best fit for you. For more details click on the product image or scroll down to the bottom for a detailed description.

  Hardware Quality Available In Features/Use Ships In
  Bannerguard  5 starts Black & Silver Light wind, designed for round pole 24 hours
  Banner Flex®  5 starts Black & Silver Moderate to high wind, round or square pole 1 week
  Banner Master 5 starts Silver High wind, can flat mount  24 hours
  Flat Mount 5 starts Black & Silver For use with single sided banners 1 week
  Iron Works 5 starts Black Light to moderate wind, decorative details  2-3 weeks
  Ornamental Scroll 5 starts Black Decorative scroll end  2 weeks
  Wall Mount 5 starts Black & Silver For use with single sided banners 1 week
  Standard Steel 5 starts Black Available for flat or pole mount  2 weeks
  Interior Bracket 5 starts Black & Silver Designed only for internal use, no wind 2 weeks















Our street banner hanging hardware category houses also parts and banner arms that you will need for an indoor or outdoor banner display in any condition. For light wind conditions we have our Bannerguard hardware and the intricately designed Iron works banner hardware. The Banner flex and Banner Master Hardware is ideal for high wind situations. Our wall mount hardware and flat mount parts are great for a one sided banner. Our ornamental bracket set standard steel banner brackets are ideal for outdoor displays as well. The interior bracket is designed for use indoors and is great for a long term indoor banner display.

Our street banner hanging hardware comes in all sizes and made of durable steel, fiber glass or aluminum for long term displays. These banner parts make installing and displaying your banner simple. We also offer installation services for street banners through our national network of street banner installers. Call us for more details.

See our full collection of street banners, advertising banners, advertising flags and custom products. All of these items are an ideal way to attract potential customers and get your brand in front of them. Also see our American flags and flag poles for a complete patriotic display. We also carry super-sized flags and flag poles for eye catching displays. For more information contact us on (800)628-3524. 

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