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Our remembrance and memorial products are a perfect way to honor your loved one. All of these products can be paired with our grave markers and cemetery marking flags to add color and vibrancy to your loved one’s grave and help keep their memory alive. Carrot-Top Industries prides itself on being able to harness the patriotic spirit and the memorial products for sale are a reflection of our dedication towards American heroes in the armed forces.


17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)

Our memorial products include plastic flowers that can be used to dress your loved ones grave and are available in three sizes. All bouquets feature red white and blue flowers and need no maintenance; the plastic flowers can be a constant feature on your loved one’s grave rain or shine. We also offer US. Garden flags for sale and garden flagpoles which can be placed in-ground and make for a great way to add a U.S flag to your loved one’s grave. The garden poles accommodate any of our garden flags and our range includes garden flags for branches of the military and garden flags for veterans to show their pride for their military experience.   

Our memorial products also include mourning decorations such as mourning fans and mourning and bunting for tents. We also carry several varieties of the September 11 memorial flag which is often used to remember the men and women who lost their lives on that tragic day.