The POW MIA flag is an American flag that was created as a symbol of the American citizens concern about the United States military personnel taken as prisoners of war and those missing in action. It is the only other flag other than the American flag to have flown over the White House.

All POW MIA Flags are proudly Made in America

Our outdoor POW MIA flags are available in both a nylon and polyester material, perfect for all locations! Our nylon POW MIA flags feature both a single-sided and double-sided design and fly in a faint breeze. Our extra-tough polyester POW MIA flags are single-sided and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and high wind. Our miniature 4"x6" POW MIA flags are perfect for Veterans parades and to display on desks and feature a small flag mounted to a black plastic dowel.

Proceeds from the sale of our POW MIA flags support the National League of POW/MIA Families.

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