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The United States Army flag was first unveiled on 14 June 1956, at the Independence Hall in Philadelphia by (then) Vice President Richard Nixon. The flag features a white background with the blue seal of the Department of the Army prominently placed in the center. Below the seal, the Army flag features a scarlet banner with the words “UNITED STATES ARMY” inscribed on it. The numerals “1775” are featured below the banner in blue. 1775 is the year in which the United States Army was first established by the Continental Congress.

Our Army flags are available in a variety of sizes and materials. We also carry Army officer flags, often flown by relatives or close friends of soldiers on active duty.

34 Item(s)

34 Item(s)

The seal on the Army flag features a Roman cuirass, a type of Roman body armor and a symbol of strength and defense. The Army seal features two flags behind the body armor, one of the flags is a national flag from an earlier period in time and together the flags symbolize the part the U.S army played in the forming and development of America. The seal also contains an unsheathed sword, a musket and bayonet and an esponton (a type of half-pike formerly used by subordinate officers). Closer to the bottom of the suit of armor cannon, cannon balls, mortar and mortar bombs are pictured, all of these are symbolic representations of traditional Army implements. The Army seal also features a drum and drumsticks which stand as symbols for the public notification of the Army’s dedication to serve the Nation and its people. On top of the sword in the center is a Phrygian cap which is commonly known as the Cap of liberty.  Just above the cap is a rattle snake holding a banner that reads “This We’ll Defend” which is a similar to symbols seen on many colonial flags. The rattle snake symbolizes the Army’s readiness to defend at all times.

All information about the United States Army flag was provided by the Institute of Heraldry.

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