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Air Force

The Air Force flag is officially known as the “Ceremonial Department Flag”. The flag features the Air Force coat of arms encircled by thirteen stars on an ultramarine blue background. Under the Air Force coat of arms is a banner inscribed with “United States Air Force”. 

Our Air force flags are available in several different styles that include outdoor and indoor flags (available with a gold fringe), mini flags, cemetery marking flags and Air force officer flags.

30 Item(s)

30 Item(s)

The Air force flag’s crest and shield make up the Air force coat of arms and feature a bald eagle, wreath and cloud. The bald eagle is often seen as a national symbol and in this instance it also represents America’s air power. The white cloud behind the eagle represents the start of a new sky and the eagle is perched on a white and blue wreath.

Beneath the eagle and cloud formation, on the Air force flag, is a shield divided horizontally by a nebuly line to represent clouds. The thunder bolts inside the shield are also representative of the striking power the U.S Air Force possesses. The whole crest and shield is surrounded by thirteen white five-pointed stars representing the 13 original colonies. The official Air Force flag was introduced to the public on March 31, 1951 in a parade in Washington D.C. The first published description of the Air force flag was signed in to the law in October 1951, and the design has not changed since that date. The Air Force flag’s design is credited to Miss Dorothy G. Gatchell and was formally approved by General Hoyt S. Vandenburg.

All information about the Air Force flag was provided by the Air Force historical research agency.

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