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U.S. Flag Set with Telescoping Pole

U.S. Flag Set with Telescoping Pole

This U.S. Flag Set with Telescoping Pole makes for a great display with the high-quality finishes.

  • Sturdy, aluminum 6’ flagpole with telescoping feature and fixed Eagle ornament
  • Durable cast aluminum bracket secures your pole for a worry-free display
  • 3x5’ embroidered Nylon United States flag is lightweight and quick-drying; Made in the USA

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Our U.S. Flag Set with a Telescoping Pole is the perfect way to display your American flag.

Everything included in your purchase for installation and display is listed below:

  • a 3x5’ Perma-nyl® embroidered United States flag featuring a header and grommets
  • a 6’x1” brushed aluminum telescoping pole
  • a vacuum-plated gold cast aluminum Eagle ornament with affixed ring for attaching a flag with a pole sleeve and tabs securely
  • 2 flag collars to be used with flags with grommets
  • a cast aluminum bracket with the base measuring 2” wide and the neck extending 4 ½” to securely house your pole when on display

For more economical U.S. Flag Sets, our Republic U.S. Home Flag Set includes lighter-weight finishes and a 3-piece 6’ aluminum pole. Another option is our Ultra-Knit U.S. Home Giveaway Set. We offer a wide variety of Indoor flag sets and several other American flag displays for homes. This set features a 3-piece steel pole and is ideal for a prize giveaway event or for less frequent use. Carrot-Top Industries’ exclusive outdoor United States flags come in our Beacon® Nylon, for light to moderate winds, while our Patriarch® Polyester is ideal for environments that receive higher wind speeds and harsher weather.

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