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American Banner Flag

American Banner Flag
Starting at: $29.00 As low as: $24.00

The American banner flag is a perfect replacement for your American flag in any of our Pre-Mounted sets or for use with our outrigger poles. These American banner flags are made of versatile 100% nylon fabric and can be used in long term outdoor displays. Our flags are proudly made in the U.S.A.

These American banner flags do well in wet and windy weather with its light weight design and water resistance. They also feature prominent stars that stand out on the blue plane. Read below the options for help choosing the correct size!

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Starting at: $29.00


American banner flags are a good way to have a unique looking outdoor American flag display. The banners are made of 100% nylon material. The nylon used in the construction of this banner is tailor made to be extra light, yet durable. The nylon American banner flag's water resistant qualities also allows for quick-drying capabilities. These flags come with individually embroidered stars and sewn stripes. They also feature a simple, unlined pole hem with a tab for attachment.

The American  banner flags are available in two sizes, the 2.5x4’ and the 3x5’. The 2.5x4’ flag is recommended for use with a 5’ spinning pole and the 3x5’ is intended for use with a 6’ spinning pole. These flags are made to be used with a 1” diameter flagpole.

Our exclusive Beacon nylon American flags also posses quick dry capabilities and are perfect for areas with wet weather and light or moderate winds. Also see our Patriarch polyester American flags, these flags are ideal in high wind conditions. For a American flag display at home see our American flag sets, these sets include all attachments and accessories necessary for a flag display. Our Deluxe Beacon nylon American flag set is our best all-round American flag set and comes with a Beacon nylon flag. For other mounted flag options see our Metropolitan mounted flag set and also our classroom American flag set. For more information about these product contact a team member at (800)628-3524. 



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