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Super Pole® Flagpoles


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Super Pole® Flagpoles
Starting at: $27.95 As low as: $22.95

Super Poles® are our lightest telescoping pole and a perfect match for our feather and flutter flags. Constructed of flexible, durable fiberglass and featuring a UV inhibitor finish, Super Poles™ are built for outdoor use. Each pole has three sections and is secured at the desired height by twisting the upper sections in a clockwise direction. The flutter flag poles come in several sizes and a black or white finish.

Buy the 15’ and 21’ Super Poles® and you receive a carrying bag and a ground sleeve for in-ground use. View and download assembly directions in the Instructions tab. Read below for more information to choose the best pole for you!


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Starting at: $27.95


Super Poles® are a powerful advertising tool when coupled with feather/tall flutter flags. The Super Pole® flagpoles are durable outdoor flagpoles that are designed to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays and withstand water damage. The fiber glass Super Poles® do not rust and maintain strength for long periods despite changing weather.

These flutter flag poles are made of adjustable panels and are available as a 9’, 15’ or 21’ pole. The 9’ Super Poles® are two piece poles, available only in black, and are intended for use with 8’ feather, flutter and fall advertising flags. The 15’ and 21’ Super Poles® are available in black and white and includes a carrying bag and 2-foot PVC sleeve for in-ground use. Installation instructions for the PVC sleeve are included with purchase.

Carrot-Top also offers a range of super pole stands and bases which allow the poles to be used on hard ground or as an indoor flutter flag pole.

*Flutter, tall and feather flags are not included with the purchase of a super pole. Carrot-Top does carry custom and stock flags for advertising purposes.*




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