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Stainless Snaphook

Stainless Snaphook
Starting at: $5.95

These Stainless Snaphooks are designed especially for use with Carrot-Top’s Telescoping Outdoor Flagpoles and Made In U.S.A. Fiberglass Flagpoles.

  • Snap hook is 2.5” L x 1” W
  • Flag clips designed to secure your flag to the flagpole
  • Push-in clip makes attachment of flag a breeze

Ordering a replacement snaphook from Carrot-Top is easy – as easy as selecting the quantity you’d like and clicking on the blue “Add to Cart” button. For more information, see the Description tab: 



Why Buy Stainless Snaphooks?

Flag hooks or snaphooks are essential for displaying any flag, and these stainless snaphooks are specifically for Carrot-Top’s Telescoping Flagpoles and Made in U.S.A. Fiberglass Flagpoles.

Snaphooks are compatible with:

Questions? Give Carrot-Top a call at 800-628-5324 and one of our trained, experienced representatives will be happy to answer them for you. 



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