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Staff Spear Flag Pole Topper

Staff Spear Flag Pole Topper
Starting at: $26.95 As low as: $19.75

The staff spear flag pole toppers are ideal for any indoor flag display. These spear ornaments provide a sleek look and give any flag display a complete look. The spears are ideal for military flags, national flags and a wide variety of other indoor flag displays.

Our staff spear flag pole ornaments are available in a chrome and a brass finish to suit your flag pole and other surrounding furniture. These spears are not recommended for our 1 ¼” aluminum parade poles. For more information about our staff spear toppers see the description tab below. To order this product select a finish, enter the number of units desired and click on the “Add to cart” button. 

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Starting at: $26.95


The staff spear flag pole toppers are designed with beveled edges and are placed above a circular portion of the flag pole ornament. The spears measure 8.5” is length and have a circumference of 3.5”. These staff spears come with a brass finish and a chrome finish. The brass ornament is made of solid brass while the chrome ornament is made of durable aluminum and plated in chrome for a polished and glossy look-- ideal for any professional or official setting. The chrome flag pole ornaments do not discolor with time and remain rust-free throughout its life time.

The staff spear flag pole toppers are compatible with most of our indoor and parade flag poles but are not recommended for use with our 1 ¼” aluminum parade poles. See our entire collection of indoor flag pole ornaments to find other parts to suit your flag display. We supply a wide range of other indoor flag pole accessories including indoor flag pole stands and more. See our full range of outdoor residential poles and commercial flag poles to set up an outdoor flag pole display and complete it with our outdoor flagpole accessories. Carrot-Top industries is a proud supplier of high-quality American flags, military products and a wide range of custom made products. For more information about our products and services contact us on (800)628-3524.



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