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Aluminum Pole

Aluminum Pole
Starting at: $7.50 As low as: $5.95

Aluminum poles are extremely versatile flagpoles and can be used together with a variety of our other products. Aluminum poles do not rust under any condition and are ideal for short term outdoor use. These outdoor poles have a diameter of 1” and can be used with our aluminum ground sleeve for an inexpensive flagpole.

The poles are available in two different heights. For more information about the aluminum outdoor pole read the description tab at the bottom of this page.

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Starting at: $7.50


The straight aluminum poles are great option for building your own outdoor flag set. These flagpoles are versatile and can be used for outdoor displays with no risk of rust and are compatible with our ground stakes which allows for simple installation.

The aluminum poles are available as a 3’ or 6’ pole to fly your flag on. Flags can be attached to the pole with the use of our flag ties. The flag ties allow any flag with grommets to be attached to one of these aluminum poles. The aluminum poles are also able to accommodate our plastic flag unfurler making for a full-fledged flag display in a strong breeze (unfurler keeps flag from wrapping around the pole). Carrot-Top also offers vinyl and wood flagpole ornaments that are compatible with these poles.

For more information about our straight aluminum poles or any of our other products do not hesitate to contact one of our experts on (800)628-3524.

*Both poles are one-piece straight poles and accessories must be purchased separately.



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