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Outrigger flagpoles – Wall mount flagpoles


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Outrigger flagpoles – Wall mount flagpoles
Starting at: $12.00

Our Outrigger flagpole is the perfect option for those looking to mount a flag to the front of their house or business. This versatile flagpole can be wall- mounted or used on a street pole when paired with a bracket.

  • Recommended for used in residential areas and are easy to install
  • Spinning Pole allows flag to rotate  a complete 360° preventing it from tangling or snagging the pole
  • Poles are made of Aluminum  or double lacquered hardwood
  • Aluminum poles come with silver, white, or Oak Finish and flag  with matching or gold ornament on top
  • Suggested for use with nylon 2'x3' and 3'x5' flags 

Get your Outrigger Flagpole now by first selecting the finish you desire and then choosing the size your flagpole. For more information see the description tab below.

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Starting at: $12.00


Outrigger flagpoles are great for residential outdoor displays of the U.S flag or showing your state pride. These poles feature an innovative two piece pole design which allows the pole to spin which reduces the flag tangling in high winds. Suggested for use with nylon flags only.

The silver and white flagpoles feature the spinning mechanism whereas the wood pole is a solid traditional pole. All poles have a diameter of 1” which is perfect for use with our wall brackets. Wall mount flagpoles are available as a 5’ or 6’ pole, the 5’ pole is recommended for use 2’x3’ flags only and the 6’ flags are recommended to be used with 3x5’ flags. The aluminum poles also feature a stainless steel snap and plastic swivel l ring for vertical banner display. The silver flagpoles and white flagpoles feature a gold or silver ball top and the wood pole features a double lacquered hardwood ball top.

Both silver and white aluminum outrigger flagpoles are 2 piece flagpoles which allows for easy storage and added portability. The two piece free spin flagpole also features a durable threaded joint for secure, fast and easy assembly.

The aluminum flagpoles are intended for long term outdoor use in residential settings but the wood pole is recommended for short term outdoor or long term indoor use only.  Our exclusive brands the Beacon® Nylon American Flag and the Patriarch® Polyester American flag are well-known for their superior craftsmanship an extended durability.  We also feature US State and City flags that pair perfectly with our outdoor commercial poles, residential flag poles and indoor flag poles.   For greater details about these items or any other Carrot-Top product call (800) 628-3524. Our customer service experts will assist you.



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