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Outdoor Patriotic Decorating Kit

Outdoor Patriotic Decorating Kit
Starting at: $495.00

Our Outdoor Patriotic Decorating Kit contains the most popular combination of products purchased by patriotic cities and organizations for Fourth of July Celebrations.

  • (1)  Strong, durable 10' X 15' US Nylon Flag 
  • (6)  3’ x 6’ Nylon 5 Stripes and Stars fan 
  • (1) 18” x 20' Poly/cotton bunting with Stars 
  • (4) 20” x 8’ Nylon 50 Star Pulldown 
  • This package of products is intended for long term outdoor use
  • Our Outdoor Patriotic Decorating Kit offers a 20% discount on normal pricing of products

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Our Outdoor Patriotic Decorating Kit includes everything needed to decorate municipal buildings, schools, churches and other locations with a patriotic look and feel.  Our Packaged Kit will dress your location in All-American red, white and blue for national holidays, patriotic celebrations, political events and more.  The 10'x 15' U.S. flag is crafted with superior nylon and showcases excellent craftsmanship.  The 3’x 6' Nylon bunting fans feature sewn stripes and are well-suited for long term, outdoor use. The 18” x 20' poly/cotton bunting fan is one our finest and most traditional patriotic fans and is constructed with top-of–the-line polyester and cotton.   Our unique 20” X 8’ 50 star pulldown is also a favorite for patriotic decorations.  The Pulldown displays white stars on a blue field above vertical stripes of red, white and blue.  This Package makes decorating for patriotic events fun, quick and easy.  Our superior items look good almost anywhere and are intended for multiple uses.   Allow Carrot-Top and our 4th of July Package kit to do all of the work for you.

Carrot-Top offers a broad range of products that includes from flags, military and memorial items, custom products and more. Or American flags and US State and City flags create dynamic displays both in your home and for official presentations.   Our military and Memorial products include grave markers, patriotic decorations, military branch flags and more.  Be sure to custom products for Street Banners, custom decals or signs that may dress up your location during holiday times and throughout the year. For information about any Carrot-Top item please c all (800) 628-3524 and speak with any of our experienced customer service representatives. 



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