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Halyard Channel Bracket – 3-4”, 5-8”, & 10”


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Halyard Channel Bracket – 3-4”, 5-8”, & 10”
Starting at: $32.95 As low as: $28.95

Our Halyard Channel Brackets are made of sturdy aluminum and are fashioned to be used with poles whose diameter is 3-4”, 5-8” or 10”. Carrot-Top Industries offers 3 sizes to ensure that this bracket will properly fit flagpoles of every height. This bracket is an affordable replacement piece and ready is to ship. Made in America. For more information on our Halyard Channel Brackets, please see the description tab below.

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Starting at: $32.95


Our Halyard Channel Brackets are designed to be used in conjunction with our halyard channels and cleat cover boxes. Measuring 2.5” by 2 13/16”, each bracket will take up minimal space on your flagpole while still being sturdy enough to hold your channel in place. Available for poles with diameters of 3-4”, 5-8” and 10”, all external halyard flagpoles offered through Carrot-Top Industries will accommodate its corresponding bracket.

If you are looking to refine your flag display or for an added element of security, our halyard channel and cleat cover box is also available as sets and are more cost-effective when purchased this way. To match the finish of your pole, the channel and cleat cover box sets are available in a satin finish. Three sizes are offered to ensure that all flagpoles are afforded the option of protection from theft and vandalism. The Small set is designed for flagpole diameters 5” or smaller. The Medium set works best with flagpole diameters from 5-8” while the Large set is optimal for flagpole diameters 10” or greater.

Additional flagpole accessories are also available through Carrot-Top Industries, as well as a wide range of flags. Our United States, State and International flags are always available in a variety of styles and sizes and are ready to ship. Please contact our Customer Service Team at (800) 628-3524 with any questions.



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