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Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament – Outdoor

Gold Eagle Flagpole Ornament – Outdoor
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The gold eagle flagpole ornament is ideal for smaller outdoor flag poles. This ornament is made of solid anodized aluminum which does not corrode under any conditions. The anodized material is also less likely to pit and cause flag tears.

The Gold eagle ornaments fit on to an outdoor flagpole with easy with the help of the attached spindle. These ornaments can fit onto the top of outdoor flagpole trucks which contain a female piece for the spindle. For more information see the description below. 



The gold eagle flagpole ornament features a gold ornamental eagle perched on a ball with its wings spread. The wingspan of the eagle measures in at 8.5”. Mounted on a spindle this eagle flagpole topper fits our outdoor flagpoles. This ornament is recommended for use with 20’ flagpoles or with flag poles which are shorter than 20’. These gold finished aluminum eagles are ideal for a flagpole flying and American or state flags. Eagle flag pole ornaments have become a staple for displays of the patriotic spirit.

We have all attachments, accessories and other products needed for setting up a full-fledged flag display see our flag pole accessories which includes accessories and parts for both indoor and outdoor flag poles. Carrot-Top is also one of the country’s largest suppliers of American flags, Custom products and industrial floor mats. For more information about our products or questions and concerns call our in-house customer service team at (800)628-3524. 



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