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60’ White Fiberglass Flagpole with Hinge Base


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60’ White Fiberglass Flagpole with Hinge Base
Starting at: $5,795.00 As low as: $5,595.00
  • Buy 2 for $5,595.00 each and save 4%

Pressure-molded fiberglass is a great material for flagpoles, and our 60’ Hinged Base Fiberglass flagpole is a great idea for any area where high winds are common. These two-piece flagpoles are strong but lightweight, with a shiny gelcoat finish that resists cracking and fading and stays looking great for years with little maintenance.

  • Ideal for use with buildings 10 to 15 stories tall
  • Tapers from a 7” base to 2.5” at the top
  • Stands up to winds of 120 mph (without the weight of a flag flying)
  • Hinged base makes it easy to lay the flagpole flat on the ground in case of severe weather events
  • An acorn-style top and revolving truck for the flag is included with purchase
  • Lifetime guarantee on shaft only

It’s simple to order through Carrot-Top’s website…just click on the blue “Add to Cart” button below. You can find out more information in the description tab below the bullet points. 



Why Buy a 60’ Hinged Fiberglass Flagpole? 

Fiberglass flagpoles can never corrode, making them a perfect choice for coastal areas with salt air – a distinct advantage over aluminum poles. Fiberglass’s non-conductive properties also mean that a fiberglass flagpole will not be hit by lightning. A 60’ height means the flag will be visible at long distances and is a perfect fit for office buildings, public areas and schools. 60’ flagpoles work well with an 10’ x 15’ flag; should you wish to fly two flags, a 6’x 10’ flag and a 5’ x 8’ flag are suggested. Your flagpole will come with a complete kit for installation, including a flash collar, all hardware needed for mounting, 120’ of ¼” halyard rope, two snaphooks, cleat and hinged base. Custom colors are available – call for details.

The 8’ x 12’ polyester Patriarch® US flag and 8’ x 12’ nylon Beacon® US flag are both great choices with this flagpole. If the flag is displayed day and night, the US Flag Code calls for illumination; our commercial above-ground lights work well in that capacity. Questions? Just pick up the phone and call us at (800) 628-3524 and our call center representatives will be happy to answer them. 



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