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Deluxe Beacon® American Flag Set


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Deluxe Beacon® American Flag Set
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The Deluxe Beacon® nylon American flag set is Carrot-Top's finest nylon American flag set and comes with our exclusive 3x5’ Beacon® nylon U.S. flag. The Beacon flag is our signature nylon American flag and comes backed by our experience spanning over the past 3 decades. The American Banner Flag features individually embroidered stars with back stitch enforcement and sewn stripes and is made of tightly woven nylon and finished with a pole sleeve. Our flags are proudly made in the U.S.A.

The set also includes a white spinning 6’ flagpole with a gold ball top and an adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to display your flag at multiple angles. Watch the video at the bottom of this page to see the Deluxe beacon flag set in action!



The Deluxe Beacon® home nylon American flag set is our top outdoor residential American flag set. Our exclusive Beacon® flag is made using nylon which resists UV rays and retains color for extended periods. The flag is finished with interlocking stitches for added strength and reinforced 4-stitch fly ends creating durable seams, which are guaranteed to resist fraying. The American Banner Flag are also perfect for outdoor use because of their lightweight design which allows them to fly proudly and their water resistant characteristics.

The Beacon® nylon American flag set also includes a 6’ white spinning flagpole with a 1” diameter and gold ball top. The spinning flagpole prevents the flag from tangling and wrapping around the flagpole in high winds and added finish of the gold ball adds a touch of majesty to you American flag display. The flagpole weighs less than 2lbs and is simple to set up.

This U.S flag set also includes an adjustable bracket to display your flag at 5 different angles. Pair our Deluxe Beacon® nylon American flag set with our outrigger flagpole solar light to illuminate your flag at night. 

See our other outdoor American flag sets or indoor flag sets for more options, these sets do not feature a spinning pole but instead come with a fixed stationary stamped silver finished bracket. In addition to American flags we also offer State flags and City flags made of Beacon nylon and Patriarch polyester material. Also see our range of patriotic decor for your next celebration. Carrot-Top specializes in providing products for any special event or business. Our custom products can accomodate any piece of art that you give us. For more information about any item you see on the website call us at (800)628-3524.



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