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Blue Star Banner

Blue Star Banner
Starting at: $10.95 As low as: $8.95

Blue star banners are officially known as service banners. These banners are a symbolic representation of having a child or family member in active duty or in the front lines. Our blue star banners are made of high quality satin and come attached to a cross bar top and gold cord and tassels for hanging.

Historically, the number of blue stars on the banners are representative of how many family members or children are currently serving in the military. For more information see the description tab below. 

  • 1 Star - Blue Star Banner - $10.95
  • 2 Star - Blue Star Banner - $16.95
  • 3 Star - Blue Star Banner - $18.95
  • 4 Star - Blue Star Banner - $19.95

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Starting at: $10.95


Our blue star banners follow the original design created by Captain Robert L. Queisser in 1917. These service banners still carry the same meaning as well. Blue star banners are a great way to honor family members for their sacrifice and the service they are providing.

Our sating blue star banners measure 8.5" x 14" and feature a gilded gold bar with two gold spearheads on either side of it. The service banners  have a tassel measuring 18" in length and feature a gold fringe at the bottom. The number of stars are representative of the number of family members in the front lines. Carrot-Top offers service banners that feature up to four blue stars.

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