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American Flag Set with Spinning Pole

American Flag Set with Spinning Pole


Our America Flag Set with Spinning Pole is ideal for any home, business or school looking for a simple yet patriotic display.

  • All required components are included with the purchase of this set
  • Includes a 3x5’ Koralex II™ Polyester United States flag - 100% American made
  • Aluminum hardware offers a weather-resistant, durable display structure
  • Bracket affords you the option of two positions for your flag presentation
  • Spinning pole prevents flag from furling (tangling on the flagpole)

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This American Flag Set with Spinning Pole features all necessary pieces for a beautiful United States flag display. The 3x5’ Koralex II™ United States Sewn Polyester Flag is American made and will provide a lasting, vibrantly-colored display that customers, neighbors and passersby are sure to notice. Also included is a sturdy 6’ x 1¼” 2-piece aluminum spinning pole with a gold Eagle ornament measuring 4” in height with a wingspan of 6 7/8”. This pole includes a spinning feature allowing your flag to always fly freely, without tangling. The aluminum bracket offers the option of 2 angles for your flag display while the included (2) flag collars and washer with clip affords you the versatility of displaying a flag with grommets or a flag with a pole sleeve, respectively. If you are looking to replace the original flag that comes with this set, please select the 3x5’ option of our Koralex II™ Polyester United States Flags.

Along with this U.S. flag set, Carrot-Top Industries offers a wide array of outdoor and home flag sets for your residential or small commercial use. With poles ranging in height from 5’ to 8’, we are sure to have the flag set that will fit your location. Our cost-effective Ultra Knit Giveaway sets are ideal for banks and school fundraisers as complementary or prize items while our Grand Beacon® Flag Set is best suited for display for larger, open areas such as Government Offices or College campuses. For residential use, we would recommend our Deluxe Beacon® American Flag Set as it includes a lightweight yet durable Beacon® Nylon flag, aluminum spinning pole to prevent tangling and a sturdy, adjustable aluminum bracket for your choice of display angle. For our exclusive Carrot-Top Industries American flag options, browse our Beacon® Nylon and Patriarch® Polyester materials. For more information or to inquire about any items not found on our website, contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Team by calling (800)628-3524.



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