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25’ x 40’ Patriarch® Polyester American Flag


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25’ x 40’ Patriarch® Polyester American Flag
  • Buy 2 for $1,100.00 each and save 12%
  • Buy 3 for $1,000.00 each and save 20%

Buy a 25’x40’ polyester American flags ideal for unsavory weather and coastal areas. Used by cities, towns, villages, fire protection agencies and county governments.

  • Recommended for 100’ flagpoles – internal steel flagpoles must be used
  • 2-ply Patriarch® polyester designed for long-term all-weather use
  • Extra-large flag size
  • Rope headers and 5 grommets for secure attachment
  • Patriarch®, trusted for more than 30 years
  • 6 month guarantee on fading colors, tears and defects to flag fabric
  • Made in USA 

Start your order for a 25’x40’ polyester American flag with grommets and headers. Enter the quantity required and click on the “Add to Cart” button. Discounts for order with 2 or more flags. See the description tab below for more details. 



Why buy a 25’x40’ polyester American flag?

Make for Extra-large American flag displays – Attract attention and promote the patriotic spirit

25’x40’ polyester US flags belong to our group of extra-large American flags. They are the 3rd largest American flag size we offer. These flags are often bought by city, village and town officials and can be seen flown at other government institutions.

High quality finish with secure attachments

The 25’x40’ flags are fitted with two rope headers on the top and bottom of the flag. They also have 5 grommets. These features allow the flag to be securely fastened on to any outdoor flagpole. The stars on the flag are appliqued on to the blue plane. The applique process prevents stars from fading out like in printed flags.

Exclusive Patriarch® fabric with 6 month guarantee

Patriarch® is made of 2-ply woven polyester a fabric made specifically for use in windy and coastal areas. The flags are thicker and heavier than our nylon American flags. The Patriarch® fabric also resists fading over time.  All Patriarch® flags are covered by our 6 month guarantee. The guarantee covers tears, fading and flag defects.

*Extra-large flags must be flown on internal steel flagpoles. When flying 2 flags on a 100’ flagpole we recommend using a 20’x38’ U.S flag and a secondary flag measuring 15’x25’.

Call us to buy a 100’ flagpole to display these 25x40’ flags. Add all the outdoor flagpole accessories you need to complete the display. We offer solar lights, flagpole ornaments and much more. Browse through our collection of other flagpoles including ones measuring up to 80’ tall. For more details or assistance with the order process contact us on (800)628-3524.



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