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Army Car Window flag

Army Car Window flag
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The Army car window flags are a quick and easy way to attach an Army flag to any kind of vehicle. The 12”x18” flag is authorized by the government to be used in official vehicles as well. These flags are connected to a plastic arm that can be attached to the car window. These flags are tailor made for use on floats and vehicles in other special event. For more information about the Army car window flag read the description below.




The 12”x18” Army Car window flag features the official colors of the United States Army flag and the official Army seal. The 12”x18” flags are the designated automobile flags and are authorized by the government for use on official vehicles. These car window flags are attached to a plastic arm which is able to fit into any kind of vehicle. The car flags are perfect for parade floats and other special event motor fleets. To install the Army car window flag simply roll down your window place the flat end of the plastic arm between the top of the window and the car door and roll the window up until the arm is wedged in securely. No tools are required to assemble or install this flag set.

The Army car window flag is made for all-weather use and is stitched on all sides to prevent the fly ends from fraying. This flag also features the official Army seal in blue with the Roman suit of armor in the fore ground and war implements in the background. For more information about the Army car window flag contact one of our staff members on (800)628-3524. 



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