Pennsylvania State Flags

Pennsylvania State Flags

Pennsylvania’s flag has a blue field with the state coat of arms in the center. Although it was originally authorized by the state in 1799, the current design wasn’t adopted by law until 1907. The ribbon under the symbol reads, “Virtue, Liberty and Independence.” There is a draft horse on either side of the symbol and a bald eagle (representing the US) above.

We're proud to offer the Pennsylvania state flag in two different outdoor fabrics, including nylon for an Pennsylvania flag that flies in a light wind and an extra-tough polyester Pennsylvania flag designed to withstand the elements. Even our miniature 4 inch by 6 inch Pennsylvania flags mounted to a plastic dowel are perfect for classroom, special events, parades and more! Looking for something for a parade or indoor application? Our indoor fringed Pennsylvania flags feature luxurious gold fringe on 3 sides and a pole sleeve end for a clean look.

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