Colorado State Flags

Colorado State Flags

This Centennial State’s flag consists of three horizontal stripes – the top and bottom stripes are blue and the middle stripe is white. There is a gold disk with a red “C” around it; the disk is the same size as the middle stripe. The Colorado state flag was designed in 1911 by Andrew Carlisle Johnson and adopted on June 5th. The exact shade of the red and blue was chosen in 1929 – it is the same as the US flag. The blue represents the skies, the gold – the sun, the white – the snowy mountains and the red – the earth.

We're proud to offer the Colorado state flag in two different outdoor fabrics, including nylon for an Colorado flag that flies in a light wind and an extra-tough polyester Colorado flag designed to withstand the elements. Even our miniature 4 inch by 6 inch Colorado flags mounted to a plastic dowel are perfect for classroom, special events, parades and more! Looking for something for a parade or indoor application? Our indoor fringed Colorado flags feature luxurious gold fringe on 3 sides and a pole sleeve end for a clean look.

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