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Eagle Statues – Military

Our eagle statues are an ideal product to give away as a gift or as a display of patriotic spirit and support for military branches. These statues have a cast brass finish with a pure marble base. The eagle statues can be purchased with one of the five major military department’s seal pressed on it. For more click on a product or see the description below.

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Our eagle statues are ideal as a gift to honor military members. These cast brass finished eagle statues have an austere look and are perfect as a desk ornament or mantel decoration. The eagle statues are also great to be given away as an award to soldier or veterans of the U.S Armed forces. Our Eagle statues come with an Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard seal embossed below the eagle.

The eagle statues feature a large, majestic bald eagle with its wings spread perched on a rock. The ornament rests on a solid block of black marble. The statues are made of heavy weight zinc alloy and are designed for long term use with little or no signs of weathering.

Pair our Eagle statues with an American desk flag or a mini military flag of your choice to create a complete desk set. Also see our indoor American flag sets and Indoor military flag sets ideally made for display indoors with quality finishing and materials. For more information call us on (800)628-3524.