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United Kingdom Flags


The familiar design of the United Kingdom flag dates back to 1801, when a decree joined the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain, forming the United Kingdom. Today, the distinctive flag of the United Kingdom also represents Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, all of which are still formally part of the Commonwealth.

The flag itself incorporates the prior national flags of all three nations. It includes the red cross (edged in white) of St George, the patron saint of England overlaid onto the Cross of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. These are superimposed onto the saltire (cross of St Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. The 1801 adoption of the Union Jack flag also marks the date when James VI of Scotland became King of England and Ireland as well. 









Carrot-Top’s United Kingdom flags are simply the best Union Jack flags money can buy. These flags of the United Kingdom are built with tough, fray-resistant stitching and strong durable seams, yet they’re light enough to dry quickly and fly in even the slightest breeze.

Our outdoor U.K. flags are fashioned with a canvas header and brass grommets, while the indoor versions feature a lined pole sleeve and plush, traditional gold fringe. Want to show off your heritage and pride in the U.K. for any occasion? Consider our miniature United Kingdom flags! 

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