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Lightweight Material - Flies With Light Wind                                         Take a look at our comprehensive Flag Buying Guide
   Overall Rating  Guarantee US Made Price Life SpanColorfast Unusual Sizes   Sewing Quality 
Beacon® Nylon (Carrot-Top) Excellent Full Yes $$ 3 star 3 star Yes 3 star
Nyl-Glo® Nylon (Annin) Very Good Limited Yes $$$ 3 star 3 star No 3 star
Duratex® Polyester (Valley) Very Good Limited Yes $$$$ 3 star 3 star No 2 stars
Perma Nyl® Nylon (Valley) Good Limited Yes $$$ No
Heavyweight Material-Requires 30 MPH Winds Or More To Fly Well
  Patriarch® Polyester (Carrot-Top)         Excellent Full Yes $$ 3 star 3 star Yes 3 star
Tough Tex® Polyester (Annin) Very Good Limited Yes $$$ 3 star 3 star No 3 star
Koralex™ Polyester (Valley) Good Limited Yes $$$ No











Our outdoor American flags come in a variety of sizes starting at 12"x18" flags, to the traditional and most commonly bought 3’x5’ flags all the way up to 30'x60' flags. These flags are made of nylon, polyester, cotton or recycled materials. Picking the best outdoor US flag can tend to be tricky, wind and weather conditions play a vital role when selecting the perfect flag for you. 

Nylon American flags are best for wet areas with very low winds. These flags fly high and proud with the lightest breeze and also dry extremely quickly to avoid wilted display. Nylon flags also retain color for long periods of time and have a silky finish which glistens in the sun.

Polyester flags are extremely durable and are perfect for coastal or high wind areas with extreme weather conditions. These flags have a silky finish like the nylon flags and dry almost as fast as nylon flags.

Cotton American flags are the most traditional of all flag types. These flags are great for indoor displays that come under close scrutiny. They can also be used outdoor but colors on the flag may bleed when wet. 

Printed flags are the most economical flag choice for short term or indoor display. Printed US flags have rich radiant colors and creates an excellent 3’x5’ display.Eco-friendly flags are made using yarn made of recycled plastic. These flags feature individually embroidered stars and sewn stripes.

All our outdoor American flags are proudly made in the US and made with attention to quality. All flags are perfectly tailored for its purpose so we can help you fulfill your need! 

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