Our mini U.S. flags are perfect for rallies, parades, give-a-ways and more. These miniature American flags are available in your choice of popular cotton or economical plastic and are finished with a ball or spear top.

We specialize in providing high quality mini American flags to businesses, governments and other large institutions and offer generous quantity discounts. Our mini U.S. flags for sale are available as cheap as 19 cents per flag! Buy mini American flags from Carrot-Top Industries and rest assured knowing you've gotten a high quality product at an affordable price.

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  • Mini US Table Flags

    Mini US Table Flags

  • Black Plastic Mini Flag Table Bases

    Black Plastic Table Base-4"x6" Flags

  • 1-Hole Gold Plastic Table Base

    Gold Plastic Table Base-4"x6" Flags

  • US Auto Fender Flags

    US Auto Fender Flags


In addition to handheld mini American flags, we offer mini US table flags for sale that add patriotic flair to any location. These printed, polyester mini U.S. flags are mounted on a plastic staff with gilded spears. You can buy mini American flags with or without gold fringe. Mini US flag bases are available in black plastic, black painted wood or gold painted wood.


Cemetery marking flags are traditionally used to honor a fallen loved one at a grave or memorial location. These grave marking flags are made from durable materials to withstand extended time outside in the elements. These grave flags also feature UV protection so prevent fading.


We offer American grave flags as well as cemetery and grave marking flags featuring Military Branches, Fire Departments and other civil services, and more. Pair a grave flag with one of our grave markers or use in-ground as a standalone tribute to your loved one. Each of our grave marking flags comes attached to a tall wooden dowel and like all of our American flags is made in the USA.