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Indoor American flags are available individually or in sets. We offer cotton and nylon indoor flags that are perfect for long term indoor use and maintain their rich vibrant color for long periods of time. These flags can also be dry cleaned and come with leather tabs and flannel lined pole hem. All our indoor flags feature embroidered stars that stand out proudly on the blue plane and sewn stripes.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)

We also offer a wide selection of indoor flag sets. Carrot-Top’s exclusive Majestic™ indoor flag sets include a vibrant US flag with or without a gold fringe, a pole of your choice, ornamental eagle, flag cord with tassel and weighted plastic base. If you’re looking for a more custom indoor flag display then feel free to mix and match our flags, flagpoles and indoor flagpole accessories. Our wide variety of flagpole accessories also allows you to replace lost or broken items in your existing indoor flag display.

Our collection also featured antiqued US flags and antiqued Betsy Ross flags that can add a touch of class to your display. Our antiqued flags come with a banner sleeve which is perfect for indoor display. These flags are made with embroidered stars and sewn stripes like all of our other indoor flags. In addition to these products we offer American flag banners that also come with or without a gold fringe and in two different sizes.

These indoor and school US flags are ideal for use in schools and government buildings as well as memorial celebrations.

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