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Trucks and Pulleys


Flagpole trucks and pulleys house the halyard or flagpole rope system of your outdoor flag display. These pulleys allow the rope to circle through them and in-turn move the flag up and down on a flagpole. All our flagpole pulleys fit on to the top of flagpole with ease and are designed to be used with our outdoor flagpoles. For more about the products seen below click on a product image you like. For general information scroll to the bottom of the page.









The flagpole trucks can be attached to the flagpole in one of two ways. Our trucks can be attached by either capping the top of the pole and secured by set screws, or screwing directly into the flagpole top the flagpole trucks are available as stationary or revolving ones. The stationary trucks hold the flag and halyard rope system in place without allowing for any movement. The revolving trucks allow the flag and the attaching apparatus to circle around the flagpole making for a free range of motion and a proud flag display no matter which way the wind is blowing!  The stationary truck has to be the same outside diameter as the flagpole you are using and the rotating or revolving truck screws into the top of your flagpole using a spindle measuring 1.5” (1.25”National Pipe Thread). Our revolving and stationary trucks are available in additional colors so you can pick out the best fit for your flagpole.

See all of our outdoor flag pole accessories and our indoor flag pole accessories to cap off your flag display. We also have a large range of flagpoles ideal for any situation or setting.  Carrot-Top proudly offers a vast range of American flags, military and memorial flags, custom flags and many others. All of these flags can be attached to a flagpole of your choice with a flag hook. For more about these products contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524.