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Poles and Brackets


Our flagpole brackets and holders are ideal ways to set up a convenient display at any location. The brackets can be applied to most flat surfaces to display an outdoor flag at an angle with maximum exposure. The brackets come with mounting hardware and some of them are available in sets with a flag included. For more about these flag pole holders click on a product of your choice or scroll to the bottom for more general information. 













Our flagpole brackets can accommodate a flag pole and flag with ease and display an outdoor flag or banner style flag with ease. Our flag pole holders include both fixed and adjustable brackets. The fixed brackets allow for a flag to be displayed at a 45 degree angle from the mounting surface. The brackets are also available with spinning poles which allow the flag to wave freely and rotate fully around the flag pole and prevent it from furling or bunching up.

See our full range of outdoor flag pole accessories including our flagpole ornaments, flagpole halyard and many others. Couple our accessories with a brand new flag pole. Our commercial flagpoles category houses in-ground poles that are ideal for use in front of a store or building. Our residential flagpoles can be used in any home setting to show your pride in your country, the military or any other entity represented by a flag. Our range of flags include American flags, military and memorial flags, custom flags and hundreds of other flags that can be paired with our flag poles. For more details about our products and services contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524.