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Cleats and Snap Hooks


Flagpole cleats are attached to the flagpole a few feet from the ground. They are used to secure your halyard after raising or lowering your flag. Our flagpole cleats can be directly attached to the shaft of outdoor flagpoles. Shop our flag pole snap hooks to find the ideal hook to attach your flag to your halyard with ease. For more about our flagpole cleats and our flag hooks click on a product image you like or see the bottom of this page for general information.















Flagpole cleats and flag snap hooks are vital additions to your flagpole to make sure that your display is complete. Our flagpole cleats are great for displays with external halyard systems and allow you flag to be raised to a desired height. Cleats are available in fiberglass, bronze and aluminum. We also offer several types of cleat lock boxes for added security. These lock boxes can be installed around the cleat to only allow access to authorized personnel. We carry an assortment of snap hooks which are used to attach your flag to the halyard rope using the brass grommets. If you have any questions on which flagpole cleat or which halyard rope to buy do not hesitate to give us a call.

Our range of outdoor flag pole accessories houses additions and replacement parts for all of the flagpoles sold Carrot-Top Industries. Accessories include flag pole ornaments, flag pole lighting, trucks and many more. Pair one of our commercial or residential flag poles with one of our outdoor flags. See our unmatched collection of American flags, our large range of military and memorial flags and our custom flag options to find flags to fit your needs. Our indoor flag poles are also of the highest quality and perfect for sleek indoor displays. For more about our products contact s customer service representative on (800)628-3524.