Outdoor Sets

Outdoor Sets

Our wall mount sets and accessories allows you to mount your flagpoles to street poles and walls. Wall mounts and brackets provide you with everything you need for a professional flag presentation. Displaying your flags and decorative banners has never been easier. Carrot-Top Industries offers complete flag flying sets along with individual components.

These wall mount flagpoles and brackets are ideally used for indoor or outdoor residential locations as well as schools and businesses. Wall mount flagpoles and brackets make installation easily for permanent or temporary uses.

We offer a variety of outrigger flagpoles, brackets, accessories and hardware as well as replacement parts.

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  • Premounted Flag Pole

    Metropolitan Premounted Flagpole Sets

  • Outrigger Flagpoles

    Outrigger Flagpoles

  • Flagpole and Bracket Sets

    Flagpole and Bracket Sets