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Outdoor Sets

Our Outdoor flag sets are an easy all in one flag set for all-weather use. The outdoor sets include everything you will need to set up a flagpole in any setting; it can even be used in indoor flag displays although they are intended for outdoor use! All of these outdoor sets and flagpoles fit either flags or banners, making all of these products dual-purpose display aids.

24 Item(s)

24 Item(s)

These wall-mounts, flagpole sets and accessories allow you to mount your flagpoles to street poles and walls with the greatest of ease. Wall mounts and brackets provide you with everything you need for a professional flag presentation. Displaying your flags and decorative banners has never been easier. Carrot-Top Industries offers complete outdoor flag flying sets along with individual components. You can either buy a set or even buy individual pieces and accessories to create and assemble your own unique flag mount set.

The outdoor flagpoles slide right into place on a wall mount and makes for a professional looking flag display. Our outrigger flagpoles and flagpole sets are available in three different finishes to match your taste. You can use fixed brackets to display flags at 45 degrees and adjustable brackets display flags at five different angles.

Carrot-Top also offers a variety of finishing accessories for flags and brackets, these include outrigger flagpole solar lighting to ensure that your flag display is lit up at night, flag collars for spinning poles and flag unfurlers to name a few. We are truly a one stop shop for any outdoor flag set or flag display.

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