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Storage & Display

Our flag display cases are ideal ways to store flags, certificates or medals with sentimental value and to display them in a protected environment. These flag storage cases make for great gifts to Veterans, families of active duty members, police officers and firemen. We offer a variety of different flag cases for burial flags in several different finishes.Immortalize the ultimate sacrifice a soldier in your life has made by storing their interment flag in one of our burial flag display cases.For more see the description tab below or click in to a product of your choice.







Our flag display cases are ideal for displaying a flag of sentimental value in your life. These flag cases allow you to fold the American flag in the officially accepted way and store them with Old Glory’s proud stars in full view. The display cases are available in 4 different styles and several different finishes. We also provide custom name plates that can be attached to the flag cases with ease and makes for a lovely personalized gift.

In addition to these burial flag cases, shop our storage cases that allow you to transport your indoor flag set or a parade flag and flag pole with ease. The flag storage cases shield you flag and flag pole while being transported and reduces the chances of damage from the weather and from the travel period. You can enhance you flag display with one of our flag spreaders as well to make for a full display with maximum exposure.

Carrot-Top proudly offers many different military and memorial items. Show your support for the US armed forces with a military flag or see our Veterans flags to honor a retired or past member.  See our full range of American flags, our flagship products. Carrot-Top provides a large number of options including interment flags with official sizing and many other indoor and outdoor American flags. Our Beacon® nylon American flag and the Patriarch® polyester American flags are exclusive Carrot-Top Industries products and come highly recommended by our customers. In addition to these display items see our full range of flag poles for both indoor and outdoor use. Our range of patriotic décor is also ideal for any patriotic event. For more about our products and questions regarding our services contact us today on (800)628-3524.