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Flagpole Floor Stands

Indoor Flagpole stands and bases allow you to make your flagpole into an upright flag display with no hassle! Flagpole stands are a great alternative to wall mounted flag displays and large outdoor displays.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Carrot-Top offers flag bases with chrome or gold finishes and are made of a variety of materials. Our basic plastic bases are available in both finishes with 8lbs weights and 15lbs weights for larger flags. 7-8’ poles use an 8-pound floor stand, while 9-10’ poles may require and 15-pound floor stand and a 12’ pole may require a 20-pound floor stand.  Weight is a factor whenever people are coming into close contact with the flag set or when the set is moved outdoors for temporary ceremonies.

Our range also includes several cast iron bases, which includes bases with multiple holes for display or several flags together. For the traditionalist we also offer the Victorian style flag stand and the American beauty both of which have a classic and elegant look to them. Pair one of these bases with a traditional oak flagpole and a classic cotton indoor flag with gold fringe and tassel for the ultimate traditional flag display. All bases feature easy installation and assembly and can be dismantled just as easily as they are assembled so they can be tucked away when not in use. Pick out a flag base for your flagpole to make a unique custom built indoor flag set. You can even buy an indoor set and then buy an indoor flagpole stand as a replacement part or for use in special occasions! Also browse through our other indoor flagpole accessories to customize your indoor flag display even further. 

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