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Flag Buying Guide

Choosing the right U.S. flag online can be a confusing task. We've all been there, where we don't know what size is the best choice, what kind of material would work best, and even what kind of finishing specs we need. We hope that our flag buying guide and guidelines can assist you in purchasing the correct U.S. flag for your needs. We've listed our most popular U.S. flags as well as information for features and size you may need while shopping our site.

Flag Type Beacon® Nylon U.S. Flags Patriarch® Polyester U.S. Flags Cotton U.S. Flags Printed U.S. Flags
Flag Material 200-denier nylon Tough, skillfully woven 2-ply polyester Tightly woven cotton Lightweight polyester & cotton blend
Appearance Shiny Matte Matte Matte
Stars Embroidered up to 12'x18'; Appliquéd on larger flags Embroidered up to 12'x18'; Appliquéd on larger flags Embroidered Printed
Stripes Interlocking Sewn Stitches Interlocking Sewn Stitches Interlocking Sewn Stitches Sewn
Fly End Stitching 4-Stitch, 6-stitch on 12'x18' and larger 4-Stitch 4-Stitch 2-Stitch
Hoist End Canvas header and grommets up to 6'x10'. Nylon rope heaved with metal thimble on larger flags Canvas header and grommets up to 6'x10'. Nylon rope heaved with metal thimble on larger flags Canvas header and grommets Canvas header and grommets
Wind Speed Light to moderate winds when used on a flagpole High winds when used on a flagpole Not recommended for use on a flagpole Not recommended for use on a flagpole
Display Applications Indoor & long-term outdoor Indoor & long-term outdoor Indoor & short-term outdoor Indoor & short-term outdoor


Take a closer look at our flags...

Beacon nylon american flagsBeacon® Nylon U.S. Flags
Our exclusive Beacon® nylon U.S. flags are the best all-around flag. These flags fly in a light to moderate wind beautifully. The Beacon® U.S. flags have the advantage of being strong yet lightweight from being manufactured using a 200-denier nylon that stands up to the elements and dries quickly.


Patriarch Polyester American FlagsPatriarch® Polyester U.S. Flags
Our exclusive Patriarch® polyester U.S. flags are the best choice for coastal and more extreme weather environments. These polyester U.S. flags are crafted from tough, skillfully woven 2-ply polyester that has a texture similar to cotton. Because of their heavy-duty fabric, these polyester American flags require more wind to fly.


Cotton American FlagsCotton U.S. Flags
Our cotton U.S. flags are perfect for holidays and historical applications, with the 5'x9.5' cotton U.S flag being used for casket memorial purposes. These cotton flags feature sewn stripes and fray resistant 4-stitch fly ends. These flags are not recommended for all-weather use; colors may bleed if the flag gets wet.


Printed American FlagsPrinted U.S. Flags
Our printed U.S. flags are the economical choice for residential and short-term display. These flags feature printed stars and stripes, and a 2-stitch fly end. Printed flags are not recommended for long-term outdoor use in high wind areas. Our Beacon nylon flags and Patriarch polyester flags are the best choice for outdoor flagpoles.



Frequently asked questions:

Do I need a header with grommets or a pole sleeve?
Depending on the use for your U.S. flag, you may not need the traditional header and solid brass grommets, but instead require a hemmed pole sleeve for the hoist end of your flag.

What is a canvas header?
A canvas header with solid brass grommets is the standard for most outdoor flags. The canvas header provides durability for the fly end of the flag, while the brass grommets allow your flag to be fastened to your flagpole using snap hooks or plastic ties. A header and grommet flag is used for in-ground flagpoles as well as some home flag display sets.


What is a pole sleeve?
A hemmed lined pole sleeve is traditionally used for indoor flag presentations, as well as parades. A pole sleeve flag is also occasionally used on home flag displays because it hides the flag fasteners inside the pole sleeve, giving it a "banner-like" clean tradtional appearance. Most pole sleeve flags come with a flag fastener, similar to a leather tab, sewn inside the lining of the sleeve for attachment.



Do I need gold fringe on my flag?
Flags featuring gold fringe are traditionally used for parades as well as indoor flag presentations in classrooms, lobbies and more. Our indoor and parade U.S. flags feature a fully lined pole sleeve that will fit most standard indoor flagpoles. The gold fringe covers the top, fly end and bottom of the indoor U.S. flag giving it an upscale classic appearance. We also carry indoor military flags, religious flags, state flags and International flags featuring gold fringe.


What size flag do I need for my outdoor flagpole?
The following chart can be used as a general guide to help you choose the proper flagpole height and corresponding flag size for your environment.

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