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Recycling Receptacles

Our recycling receptacles promote recycling at your location and encourage a litter-free environment. We offer three different styles of recycle waste receptacles. Click on a product image to find out more about it or scroll down more for some general information.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)

Our recycling receptacles can be used in any location and any setting to encourage a clean and pollution-free environment. Available in indoor or outdoor styles to suit your business, school or park, we offer many colors and styles to suit a variety of needs. We offer a choice of 25, 42 or 50 gallon recycling trash cans to be used in areas with any level of traffic. The 50 gallon trash can is divided in to two 25 gallon cans to allow for sorted collection of trash. Easily help your community, visitors, students and staff identify the right recycling bin by adding a custom decal or buy a recycling bin that includes standard recycling decals.

See our entire collection of waste receptacles to find more options. Carrot-Top Industries offers a range of products that ideal for event and property management including canopy tents, message boards, signs, crowd control solutions and more. We also offer many different types of American flags for any indoor or outdoor display. Our custom products are also great additions for events and for branding purposes. For more information about these products or any of the items seen on this website call us on (800)628-3524.