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Floor Mats and Carpets

Commercial floor mats are perfect for any high traffic or public building. These large mats are ideal for entrances, lobby areas and we even provide anti-fatigue mats for work places that require standing throughout the day. For more information about a product click on the image. For a general overview see the description below the product images.


10 Item(s)

10 Item(s)

Our commercial floor mats are available in many different styles, shapes, materials and colors. The floor mats keeps your store, school, business or hotel free of dust, sand and dirt. Select the perfect fit for your location and needs. We have several different scrapper type commercial floor mats perfect for areas with a lot of dirt, sand and mud. Scraper styles mats include the Superscrape mats and the Waterhog Mats. The water hog mats are good at clearing dirt off shoes but are also good at holding water and drying shoes. The tri-grip mats are ideal for wet weather and the hog heaven mats are anti-fatigue mats ideal for any arduous job that entails hours of standing.

In addition to these commercial floor mats we offer custom floor mats that can accommodate an image of your choice. Carrot-Top Industries provides high quality products and our custom products are no exception. All custom items feature high quality graphics and are tended to individually by our graphic artists. We have many other property and event management products that can be used to run your event smoothly or to keep your location clean and orderly, including canopy tents, signs, waste receptacles and more. Pick out one of our American flags for the next patriotic holiday and pair it with a flag pole for a magnificent flag display to show your national spirit. For more information about our products contact us on (800)628-3524.