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Custom Guidon Flags

Allow us to “guide” you with the design of your custom guidon for local governments, police departments, fire departments, civic groups, scout troops, college or university clubs, military & veterans’ organizations, military schools, private companies & organizations.

At Carrot-Top Industries, Inc. we pride ourselves on providing you, our customer, with the best and highest quality items available in the industry.  We are pleased to offer the opportunity to create & purchase Custom Guidons.  The guidon, historically speaking, is a military constant which signifies a particular unit name and corps attachment or the rank of that carrying division or platoon-sized group’s commanding officer. Military Guidons usually have a triangular portion from the fly end cut out, often referred to as “swallow-tailed” or a basic guidon is rectangular.

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If you are familiar with guidons and their history, you may know it is an honor to be the guidon carrier for a unit, sometimes known as the “guide” or “guidon bearer”.  Not only is carrying the guidon an honor, the military guidon itself may illicit one within the corps to hold their head up higher or experience a sense of glory for their unit.  By offering military Guidons at Carrot-Top Industries, Inc. we hope to stir up a sense of pride within various groups and organizations which we are thankful to have as our customers. 

To get started give us a call at 800.628.FLAG (3524) and speak with one of our custom product specialists who will guide you through the process.

What kind of artwork is required to produce our custom flags?

For custom table coverings, all files must be vector. This means that the artwork created must be comprised of outlines, not pixels. All fonts used within the file should also be converted to outlines to avoid font substitution from occurring if we do not have the font that you used. We will accept font files if you are unable to convert the font to outlines.

Adobe IllustratorWe recommend using Adobe Illustrator CS3 and below for all of your artwork creation. If you have a version of Illustrator higher than CS3, we recommend saving the file down before sending to make sure artwork loads correctly. Acceptable file types includes .ai, .eps and .pdf. Please be sure to include any applicable Pantone colors if they are used to make sure we match your colors correctly.

Custom Mat Artwork SpecificationsIn some instances, if the current artwork is a 300dpi resolution or higher at the correct size of the product you are designing, an Adobe Photoshop generated file can be used. Acceptable file types includes .jpg, .eps and .pdf. Because of the size of Photoshop files, you may need to mail your artwork in on a cd. Please not that files not created in Adobe Photoshop will need to be printed digitally as opposed to a standard screen-print table cover.

Please note: Even if the artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, saving it as one of the following formats does not guarantee the file is an acceptable format. Our on-staff graphic artists will evaluate your artwork to ensure it is suitable for table throw production before your order is processed.

What if I don't have the correct format artwork? Our on-staff graphic artists are here to help. For a small fee, they can recreate your logo or design for you in the proper format, ensuring you will have a quality looking table cover that is unique to your business.

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