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Custom Bronze Plaques

Our custom plaques and seals add a professional touch to any special location. Use these custom plaques to commemorate, recognize or dedicate a location to someone as a lasting impression. Add a distinguished touch to building entrances, monuments and memorials. These aluminum or bronze plaques take on a classy textured look with age and are maintenance and rust free.

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custom plaques

Your custom plaque can be created with many different features to suit most any environment. Some of our custom options are border styles, which include a single-line edge, beveled edge and even a double-line edge for extra trimming. 

Our mounting methods are available based on the location of your plaque. We offer a blind mount method where bolt holes are drilled into the back of the plaque but do not show through to the front. Or solid wall mount option feature bolt holes drilled through the front of the plaque

Plaque Options


Frequently asked questions:

What is cast bronze custom plaque?

Our custom plaques are made from the finest quality cast bronze. The casting process is used by most foundry facilities in the United States and is the most durable metal for use in the outdoors because it will not rust when exposed to the elements. The Bronze development is usually made up of copper, tin, zinc and lead to create the bronze material.

What size custom plaque will I need to order?

Where the custom plaque will be placed, viewing distance, and the amount of detail in your design determines the appropriate size of the plaque you will need for your application. Begin your planning process for the size and design by thinking about what you want the plaque to look like when it is finished. Determine what wording you want on the plaque and then think about any additional pictures, logos, or other artwork you would like to also be on the same plaque and their size in relation to your area.

How do I take care of my bronze plaque?

You don't need to do any maintenance on a regular basis to keep your plaque looking new. Cast bronze is very durable but will develop a natural patina over time unless it is re-lacquered periodically. If you need to remove dirt, a simple mild detergent will do fine to make it shine again.

Images for our custom plaques must be in vector format and it is preferred that the images are created using Adobe Illustrator CS3. If the graphics are not in the correct format our graphics artists can help you convert or recreate the image for a small fee. See our custom artwork requirements page for more information.

See our full range of custom products including custom flags, high-quality custom floor mats and custom banners. We also have several different kinds of military seals and plaques available. Browse through our collection of American flags and Patriotic décor ideal for use during patriotic holidays. For all other details about the custom plaques contact a customer service representative on (800)628-3524.

In observance of Memorial Day, May 29th, display the United States flag at Half Staff from sunrise until noon in honor of the lives lost while serving our country.